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Calling time on tea… and it’s not because of Brexit!

  • @talktalk Kenneth swallow but you've now cut him off and left him without a phone service when he has no heating @dementiauk
  • @TalkTalk after 6 wks of informing you to not cancel tel no. he's had for life, you have cut him off #mentalhealth #discrimination no phone
  • @PPLUK @SadiqKhan @JamesBerryMP yes please thanks
  • And they don't state 2 months notice required on their general t&c's plus rep can't find details on their website a… https://t.co/yOpIjZdt3u
  • @PPLUK rips off biz owners with a £61 charge just to close their music licence account @SadiqKhan @JamesBerryMP #rawdeal