• Opening times

Mon – Thur: 8am – 6.30pm
Fri – Sun: 8am – 6.30pm or 10pm (check events)

  • Address

7 Paradise Road, Richmond
Surrey TW9 1RX

      • Contact

0208 940 3521


See our “From Bush to Cup” advert the Richmond and Twickenham Times newspaper refused to print!

  • Tea and our artisan scone list just keeps growing... https://t.co/52jY8zPGHf
  • #FathersDay We took a break to film the next Star Wars trailer - mum is about to remind Luke about sending a card... https://t.co/mbwgn8BE3W
  • @BBCWomansHour we love crafting! Lovely knitted pressies every weds at Social Knitwork https://t.co/wTfvRDNjqN
  • Or book online @ https://t.co/HvLZnVY37e! https://t.co/n70a2kCuwU
  • @SadiqKhan congratulations! A tea fuelled campaign can never go wrong. You made an Assam of the competition!