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Discover more about the loose leaf teas we sell, as well as the wonderful tea-infused drinks you can make with them!

AssamIndian tea - statuesque and broad with a rich, malty finish
CeylonSri Lankan Vinaka best tippy - clear, crisp with a forthright flavour
Darjeeling 2nd FlushIndian tea from the Margaret's Hope Estate - rich with a gentle aroma
Earl GreyCeylon tea with bergamot - nourishing and focussed with a lifted citrus charm
Indian BreakfastBlend of Indian black tea - fortifying with a malty and grippy undertow
Keemun Gong FuChinese black tea with a warm finish - smooth with subtle spicy tones
Keemun TulipChinese black tea with a distinct character - smooth with a malty warm finish
Lapsang SouchongGrown at the foot of the Wuyi mountain, Fujian, China - slightly tarry, wood smoked character
Lychee RedGrown in Guangdong, China - the sweetest black tea, soothing, clean and uplifting
Morning GloryTMAssam, Ceylon and African tea blend - neat, full of character with a trace of tip
Organic Bohea LapsangGrown in Fujian, China - unassuming dark horse with a subtle smokiness
Russian CaravanComplex blend of China black tea - warm, familiar with earthy roots
Vanilla BlackVanilla infused black tea with chocolately understones - creamy and sumptous
Whole Rosebuds & KeemunA fragrant blend of china black tea with whole rosebuds - graceful sweet rose over a calm, nourishing base
YunnanGrown in the Yunnan Province, China - rich, full-bodied, malty, smokey flavour
Silver NeedleGrown in Fuding, China. Light, delicate quenching flavours of cucumber and melon
Jasmine Silver NeedleGrown in Fujian, China. Fragrant jasmine with orchard blossom sweetness
SnowbudGrown in Fujian, China. The subtlest of white teas, graceful and delicate
White Peony & RosebudsExquisite, super-subtle tastes of white tea and drifting, haunting rose
White Peony (Bai Mu DanGrown in Fujian, China. Pure, soft, young buds and upper leaves. Delicate, fresh and smooth
China Green SenchaGrown in Zhejiang, China. Lively, distinctive, medium-strong green tea
Dragonwell (Long Jing)Organic tea grown in Jiande, China. Mellow and fresh
GenmaichaJapanese green tea mixed with popcorn and toasted rice. A bright yellow liquor with a sweet nutty taste
Gunpowder (pinhead)Grown in Anhui province, China. Headstrong flavours, not for the weak
Jasmine PearlsGrown in Fujian, China. Round and deeply jasmine infused with rich mouth-feel
Keemun Mao FengGrown in the rolling hills of Anhui, China. Smooth peach blossom flavour
PouchongGrown in Tiawan. Refreshing and bright with light floral notes
Toasted HojichaBancha tea, roasted and toasted in Japan. A mellow, toasty wood-like liquor
Huo Shan Mountain BudsGrown on Yellow Mountain, China. Light, graceful, sappy, nourishing hazel sweetness
Oriental BeautyGrown in Peipu, Tiawan. Calm, serene with burnished apple-wood overtones. Reported to be Queen Elizabeth II's favourite!
See our Connoisseur's teas below for more oolongs
Blackcurrant and hibiscusIntense, lively, refreshing and full of charm. Hibiscus is known to be good for the heart
Camomile flowersGrown on the Egyptian plains. Calming with a distinct floral flavour. Perfect with honey for unwinding at the end of the day
Lemon verbenaGrown in Paraguay. Fresh and vivid with lemon zest pungency. Feel a cold coming on? Drink it with honey and fresh ginger
Peppermint leafGrown in Serbia. Insistent, invigorating mint flavours with a clean finish. Good for your tummy
Rooibos (Red Bush)Grown in South Africa. Delightfully sweet with a nutty edge
Mini Tuo Puerh CakeVintage, cooked, aged tea. Rich, yet earthy, with subtle burnt overtones. Used to aid weight loss and in lowering cholestrol
Bai Lin Gong FuBlack tea grown in Fujian, China. Young buds coated in fine golden hairs. Rich and sweet with notes of smooth caramel
Darjeeling GopaldharaBlack oolong tea grown on one of the highest tea estates in the world. Chocolately overtones
Phoenix Honey OrchidBlack oolong tea grown on the Phoenix mountain, China. Light-bodied, incisive, with peach and citrus scents
Tie Guan Yin (Iron Buddha)Green oolong China tea. Tightly rolled, lightly oxised. Mild toasty, fruity flavour with a sweet, long-lasting aftertaste - a sophisticated and versatile tea
Chococha TMHot chocolate with a tea twist! Choose from Earl Grey, Vanilla, Matcha, Peppermint, Chai or Chilli
Match LatteGreen Sencha tea whisked into milk. Sugar or honey to sweeten. Drink hot or cold
Moroccan MintGunpowder green tea and fresh mint with brown sugar. Great on a hot or cold day!
My ChaiTMA secret blend of black tea with a myriad of fresh spices infused in milk
ObamaramaTMSmooth chinese black tea blended with dried crushed chilli - a real cold killer!
Vanilla MintTMVanilla black tea perfectly matched with fresh mint leaves
Ms SaigonTMAn exotic fresh blend of black tea infused with passion fruit, fresh lime and ginger
Sovereign TeaTMRegal blend of black teas with whole rosebuds, cornflowers and bergamot
Go WildAdd your favourite spice (or spices!) to a good China black tea - choose from star anise, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg
Squiffy Earl TMEarl Grey and Lemon Verbena with a shot of Amaretto - a great hot toddy
Irish Velvet TMA shot of Baileys in a vanilla black tea latte with a cream and chocolate topping
The Saint TMRaspberry Chambord shot with vanilla black and fruity tea blend - topped with a halo of cream
Jasmine and lilyGrown and scented in Fujian, China. Delicate jasmine flavours entwine with lily to produce a delicate taste
OsmanthusGrown and scented in Fujian, China. Warm, green-tea sappiness with apricot notes
BetashockerTMGreen tea and pink grapefruit juice - a great detox
Cool JasTMRefreshing jasmine-infused green tea with a citrus kick
Green EclipseTMGreen tea and white grape juice with a dash of lime
Jamacian MeltTMGreen tea, pineapple juice and a dash of ginger
Mini the MintTMGreen tea and peppermint with a dash of lemon
The PommieTMBlackcurrant and hibiscus with pomegranate juice
Eve's TemptationTMWhite tea blended with hot pure apple juice infused with fresh ginger
Ruby TuesdayTMFruity oolong blended with hot pomegranate juice infused with star anise
Honeycome sunsetTMHot orange juice blended with a fine oolong and a hint of honey. Bee good...
Rockin' RudolphTMChristmas special! Hot cranberry juice infused with star anise and blended with oolong and blackcurrant tea
Saucy SantaTMAdded cinnamon provides our smooth vanilla black tea with added Christmas bling