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Calling time on tea… and it’s not because of Brexit!

  • Well intentioned as they are are cycle lanes on busy main roads inadvertently killing off our local shops? #noparking @jemmafswallow
  • Seems like you can’t support anyone in this world. All we did was tweet about something we witnessed which we was w… https://t.co/9DBvpjCEYy
  • Tea drinkers are best. Not too bad a choice for a tea bag if that’s your thang https://t.co/Zw6uEFId1Y
  • @GabrieleNeher Uhmmm yes if they harass a member of the public off a park, and some person who wasn’t there blamed… https://t.co/fZYbHRI9Qt
  • @NicolaForwood ?? Life’s too short to waste on these conversations. Go and have a nice cup of tea ☕️and chill