5 July 2012

‘The Torch’ cocktail celebrates the Olympics

The Torch Tipsy Tea CocktailThe Tea Box launches a fantastic new alcoholic tea cocktail, “The Torch” next week as part of its Tipsy TeaTM range to celebrate the games this summer.

What better tea than Gunpowder pinhead green tea to set your summer a light? Tea sommeliers at The Tea Box have conjured up a magical experience9 using this exotic tea by using it as a chaser to a white Sambuca shot.

Order “The Torch” and you will be served with a shot of Sambuca set alight to create your own burning flame for you to blow out before you throw back a double shot of Gunpowder green tea. The star-anise, liquorice and spicy flavours of the Sambuca combines with the smooth, warm, strong green tea to provide the perfect sensation. If you love Moroccan Mint tea and a tipple then this is the drink for you!

The tea cocktail will be available for a limited period only during the summer of 2012 during the Olympic Games. Get hold of “The Torch” while it is on the special’s menu for £5.50 until September 2012.